Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Vintage Inspired: 1923 Range at Wallis

First, I must tell you that this range has nothing to do with the 1920s - that's just when British High Street store Wallis was launched. The collection that they have brought out is 1950s, from patterns in their archive. There are just 5 dresses, retailing at around £70 each. Let's have a look at them.

One of the dresses, a yellow-print sundress, no longer seems to be on the website - sold out already perhaps? Please excuse the lack of a picture!

My favourite is the green one, and I saw someone wearing the orange poppy one yesterday on an outing, it really was rather lovely and bright, really stood out from what everyone else was wearing.

What do you all think? £70 is a bit steep perhaps?


  1. I'm not so keen on these; the only one I *really* like is the orange poppy one and I wouldn't spend that much on it... x

  2. Hmmm - a little steep maybe - but Wallis is a good make. They look a little short to me (as is the fashion in these modern time - sigh) but I guess I would have to try one on to be sure. I too love the green one - just wish it had capped sleeves like the poppy one :)

  3. I love the green one but I think I would pay £50 max for a dress that wasn't for a special occasion x

  4. I don't think 70 pounds is too steep for the green one. Hey day dresses are more, I would get it.


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