Monday, 11 April 2011

Vintage Inspired: Electric Gypsy

I came across the brand Electric Gypsy a little while ago, as they stock it in Cardiff's Looby Loo's boutique. It's a brand that has vintage-inspired dresses from across the decades, as well as stocking vintage dresses from the 1960s and 1970s. Based in Devon, they are a brand to consider if you're trying to buy British! The vintage-inspired collection is based on real vintage patterns, but they promise they've adjusted the patterns to suit modern figures. Here are my top picks from their current selection, but they welcome customisation of the dresses with your own choice of fabrics so this isn't definitive.
1930's Cape Collar Dress, £65

1930's Esther Dress, £67.00

1940's Tea Dress, £68.00 1940's Make Do Dress, £68.00 1950's Bow Dress, £56.00 1950's Sweetheart Dress, £51.00 1960's British Bulldog Scooter Shift Dress, £42.00

1960's Kimono Dress, £45.00

My own personal favourite is the first dress in red - alas, I tried it on in Looby Loo's and it appears I'm too tall for it! The bust didn't sit in the right place on me, but then I am 5'9" and used to this problem. My other criticism would be that ideally that dress would be in some sort of drapey fabric, like a crepe or a silk (or just a synthetic version to keep the price down!). However, it's done in a stiff cotton, and it just doesn't do it for me. Still, I think the stiff cotton works well for some of the other dresses, such as the 1950s styles.

Have a look at their website ladies, and report back if you make any purchases!


  1. I was just getting excited there but as I am 5ft 11'' I'm guessing the height thing will be an issue for me too. :-(

    I have a similar problem with Collectif clothing, they seem to think if you are tall you have mammoth bossoms too!!

  2. I hadn't heard of this label. I love the first two and the prices are excellent, but what a shame they are in cotton. That just isn't the right type of fabric at all xx

  3. WOW, sweet dresses...never heard before of this label:-) Thanks for sharing!

  4. ooooo those 30s dresses! I have done a little dance. Thanks for sharing :D x

  5. I love the print on the bow dress! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Found their website a few weeks back, but I was a bit unsure - A trip to Cardiff is in order!

  7. Jennie - not sure a trip is worthwhile just for that - the selection in Looby Loo's is quite small, so best mail order I reckon!

  8. Oh, love them all!! But as I too am 5'9" and struggle to find anything vintage that fits me correctly, I guess I'll just have to drool!:)


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