Thursday, 28 April 2011

What to Buy? Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Everyone's trying to cash in aren't they? What particularly annoyed me was when I found this site, which is totally not official but is trying to make out it is! 'The London Mint Office' doesn't exist!!

Asda has commissioned a mug that looks a bit more modern than most of the Royal china that gets done. I'm not sure if that's a good thing? I quite like the old-fashioned look with tiny pictures of the Royals and lots of pattern around the outside. Still, it's just £5 if it floats your boat!

Good old M&S have an entire section of their website dedicated to Royal Wedding inspired wares, from socks to umbrellas. My favourite item is their copy of the engagement ring, I know you can buy copies on the high-street from just £5 at the moment, but theirs is platinum-plated and still only £18.

How about a 'Kate & Will Always' t-shirt, from New Look? Just £8.99, or 2 for £12

Finally, as a 'joke' souvenir, you could buy a mug...with HARRY and Kate on it! It's been all over the news about the mistake someone made with this item, hilarious!

Available at Guandong Enterprises

Do let me know if you end up buying any tat to mark tomorrow's occasion!

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  1. I want a really tacky mug and possibly a biscuit tin. The tackier the better!


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