Monday, 23 May 2011

Secret Sewing: 'Triangle at Rhodes' Style Dress Find!

I found a great linen dress, by French Connection, in a local charity shop. Don't you just love the buttons?

I think the dress brings to mind that Poirot episode, 'Triangle at Rhodes' that I did an earlier post on.

It was a smidge too tight on the bust so I let out some seams, and I also had to do a bit of work on the sleeves. WHY do they insist on making sleeves for twiglet-sized arms?! I have land-girl muscles from gardening and general lugging-of-stuff, and need a bit more room, does anyone else have this problem?

There was a button closure, that I couldn't fasten. So I whipped the sleeve cuffs off with my seam-ripper, and turned them the other way, making a feature hole on each sleeve and leaving a gap under the arms that I did a zig-zag stitch on to effectively 'hem' and stop unravelling.

Photo above is of not quite finished process, just to give you an idea - I did tidy this up!

Dress is now wearable, hurrah! Bish bash bosh.


  1. It Looks lovely and What a clever idea with the sleeves I would never have thought of that! I have a blouse with the same problem I'll have to give it a go!

  2. The dress is so cute! And the buttons! So clever to adjust size like that:)


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