Monday, 30 May 2011

Secret Sewing: First Item From a Pattern - Scallop Skirt

As it's been such a rainy Bank Holiday weekend I decided to bite the bullet and attempt to sew something from scratch, from a proper pattern and everything! I chose the Scallop Skirt featured over at Grosgrain for their free pattern month. I had some very cheap fabric from a charity shop (£1 per metre) to practice on, so I plunged straight in.

Things didn't quite go according to plan. I estimate that overall, my skirt took me about 7 hours. This includes the time taken to adjust the pattern to make it longer, and to unpick all my mistakes, such as inserting completely the wrong kind of zipper. Doh!

I've learnt an awful lot from this attempt. My very first mistake was cutting out the patterns on the inside lines, meaning that none of the pieces lined up properly for starters! Then I cut out the interfacing a bit haphazardly and this affected the shape of the scallops, also affected by my inability to sew on a curve (or on a straight line for that matter!). The zip isn't quite right. It's sitting too low, and I didn't sew it inbetween the waistband pieces so it's not neatly concealed. And the hem I messed up to be honest, I didn't know what 'topstitching' was and so skipped that bit and now realise that's how you hide the rough edge of the hem. So, the final result is pretty imperfect! But a valuable experience.

I think maybe attempting scallops was a bit ambitious for a beginner, but I love the half-circle shape of the skirt so may remake it with a plain, straight waistband.

I'm exhausted now! But already wondering what to sew next...


  1. It looks good from the pictures! I wouldn't worry about a few mistakes. Most people can't see the problems when you are actually wearing the garment anyways :)

  2. Very pretty! I really like the scallops.

  3. I think it looks lovely! Well done on persevering with it!!
    Its really easy to be too critical of your own sewing because you know where all the mistakes are. I have found people seldom notice them unless you point them out, so I would not worry!!

  4. it looks great!! i think you did a great job, and i dont see any mistakes at all from the pics:)



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