Friday, 27 May 2011

Vintage Inspired Review: Lady K Loves 'Hello Sailor' Trousers

My trigger-happy fingers bought these 'Hello Sailor' trousers last week!

Lady K Loves is a rockabilly clothing brand that I only heard of recently, and as they'd sold out of the jeans that I was after over at 20th Century Foxy (see Jeans Woe), I thought I would try out their trousers as an alternative.

Price and Delivery - 4/5
I don't think £45 is that bad for vintage repro. It's comparable with Heyday and cheaper than Tara Starlet. Delivery was fast, and reasonably priced (£3.50). Again, cheaper than Tara Starlet, which charges £5 delivery.

Sizing - 3/5
I am a 30" waist, and 40" hips so I ordered their size Large, which according to their size charts should accommodate a 31" waist and 39" hips. I didn't go for the Medium as that was for a 29" waist and 37" waist and I thought it could be a little bit too much of a tight fit on the hips. Their size charts are different to other vintage repro brands that work on 'even' bust and hip measurements, not odd, so this could be a tad confusing!

Fit - 3/5
Alas, I could easily have gone for the size Medium, as you can see from these photos! (Also, please note lovely followers that I haven't exposed my midriff in public for many years, and am only doing so in these photos so that you can see how the trousers fit. The things I do for you!)

So, they proved too big around the waist, which would easily be corrected by getting a size down. However, I feel that the length's not quite right. From the photo on the website I thought that they were 3/4 length but I think they're supposed to be long, which on my long 33" inside legs doesn't look right. Finally, although they're higher-waisted than normal, they still don't reach my natural waist. In the photos because the trousers are a little big they sink to below my navel, but when hoisted up they only just reach it. So, if I bought my correct size they would fit wonderfully, but still not be high-waisted or long-legged enough for me personally.

Fabric and Quality - 4/5
I think they're really nice - a lovely lightweight sateen finish cotton, which makes them a nice weight for Spring/Summer. The quality looks perfectly good, no issues there at all.

Customer Service - 5/5
To return an item you have to email them - they replied within 1 working day. I posted the trousers back to them on Tuesday, they received them on Wednesday and my refund went through on Friday, along with a cheery message.

It cost me £2.20 to return the trousers, and I don't lose the original postage of £3.50, so that's just the £2.20 I've lost overall in trying out these trousers.

What a shame, my hunt for some smart jeans/trousers continues! I think Freddies of Pinewood are too casual, Tara Starlet are overpriced, and the Bernie Dexter jeans I like are currently unavailable at 20th Century Foxy. They're hoping to restock in a few weeks though, so I think those will be my next purchase!


  1. Wow this is a really helpful review of the sizing! I've been drooling over Lady K Loves items but I've just been a bit scared to order them due to the sizing. I actually just got a pair of the Bernie Dexter jeans! I really love them, they do have a good amount of stretch but they're still a tick big on me so I'm going to try and wash them to shrink them (the style I bought is one of the ones that is sold out everywhere & I'm not sure if it will get restocked).

  2. Hey! I can definitely take a few photos tonight and do a mini-review of the Bernie Dexter jeans! Will post photos in a few hours!

  3. They look lovely though :) I have got my eye on their office gal dress. I think this might be a job for my mum for my birthday :))

  4. Hi Porcelina, we stumbled across your blog last night and would love to add a few comments and ask for some suggestions.

    Sizing can be really tricky, everyone's body is different and web buying can result in lots of returns. We try to offer excellent customer service to make up for this and make shopping easier and more enjoyable for our customers. I'm really glad you were happy with the service you received.

    I would be much happier if you'd be happy with the garment though! We are always on hand to help with any questions people may have about sizing, and would have steered you towards an M (looking at your pictures you're definitely not an L).

    Regarding the rise, again peoples body's are so different, I think you may well get on better with our jeans, (though looking at the comment about leg length, the jeans come in 33 inch inside leg or 23 for a pedal pusher style) which have a higher rise and waist band, or our forthcoming capri's (19.5 inside leg). Also the picture was styled with turn-up's...we should make this more clear and will do so today.

    How can we make it better? What would you like to see when your shopping? What kind of information would help you get the right fit first time? We're considering adding information on each garment such as - fit; does it come up a little large, small ect, fabric; how much stretch/give is there, what else would be useful?

    Any sorry to leave such a long comment, it's great to see feedback!
    Kind regards


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