Monday, 20 June 2011

Poirot Fashion Special: Peril at End House

This feature-length episode is a real treat, in terms of locations as well as costumes! The art-deco 'hotel' above is actually an apartment block in Torquay, Devon. People actually live there.

Now on to the clothes. First up, Miss Lemon, looking divine in this grey-sleeved number. Love the hat too.

I think this next picture is one of the few times we ever see Miss Lemon in evening wear. A pity there's no full-length shot.


Even the extras and minor players in this episode are super stylish! I love the hotel receptionist, and the hotel guest in the green print beach pyjamas.

Now let's have a look at the two main female characters in this story. That's Nick on the left, we're supposed to find her charming, vulnerable and beautiful. Freddie is the red-head in the middle, she's supposed to have a more acidic exterior. Out of the two wardrobes, I have to say I like Freddie's best! Which do you prefer?

Nick's wardrobe:

Freddie's wardrobe:

Did this give you some inspiration? I'd really like a little black '30s hat like Miss Lemon's, a pair of tropical print beach pyjamas, and a little fur cape for evening. What's your fantasy Poirot fashion shopping list?

Miss P xx


  1. Himself's sister lived in a apartment block like that in Torquay. Their flat was amazing, huge, with 3 different sea views and one of Dartmoor. They left in the end because the flat was on the 5th floor and the block was up the top of the highest hill......

  2. All the costumes in this episode are fab, I would happily steal them all!! Really love Nick's red and white beach pajamas and Freddies Black dress with black and gold headband/hat. Its nice to see Miss L shine in her out of the office wear!!


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