Saturday, 11 June 2011

Secret Sewing: First Make Do & Mend Project

So here is the first project I've tackled as part of Make Do & Mend. The dress had originally been mint green, but I dyed it a deep red some time ago. It still wasn't quite right though and has been languishing in a store-room. I felt the length was a little too long and the front kept slipping down and exposing my bra.

So, I shortened the skirt (had to separate the skirt and bodice for this, as the hem is scalloped and embroidered, which I didn't want to lose). Next step was to tackle those too-long straps - I decided to go for a pinafore style and add buttons at the same time as shortening them.

It's much more wearable now - I'm very pleased! This length works better for me as I wear a lot of knee high boots, and it looks better to have a little bit of leg in between the boots and the skirt!

I have to confess also that the buttons weren't already in my stash, but they were a present from my other half who found them at a car boot sale, so I didn't spend any money. He's amazing at finding things. Just give him a list and a couple of hours and he will return victorious!

Project 2 is also completed, and 3, 4, and 5 are on the way - watch this space for more updates soon!


  1. oooh lovely, it's great that you can wear it now. There are so many things in my wardrobe that I need to alter x

  2. Awesome dress, I love that shade of red.

    I took a look at your post with my Swirl and I'm glad to say I paid less than half the price that you saw for it and they'd clearly soaked the big yellow stain out of the front... :) Still, what cheeky sellers, they clearly think that vintage fairs = easy money! xx


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