Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Back, With a New Look!

I thought it was time for a little refresh of the blog, I hope it looks a bit cleaner and simpler now.

The looming unemployment crisis of the real world has been delayed - a contract extension of a few more months - so I can relax a little with the job hunting and finally have some more time to devote to baking, hunting for bargains, and watching some old movies!

I picked up these three films for just 99p each at the local B&M Bargains (think this might be a South Wales store only?) - a good find! That's also a 99p pot of Bonne Maman Raspberry Jelly you can see at the top of the picture... I watched Lady of Burlesque (with Barbara Stanwyck, who apparently my Grandmother looked like) and My Man Godfrey (Carole Lombard) already, but have yet to see Mr Imperium (Lana Turner). I'll post some film reviews soon.


  1. I like the new layout! The photo of you is stunning. Do you own that chair?! x

  2. Love the new look the header picture is just perfect! I have only ever seen B&M Stores whilst up north, don't think they have made it down here yet hope they do as my mum loves them!

  3. Loving the new si ple layout. I got a suitcase from b7m bargains, its fab in there x

  4. New look is fab, love your photo and the dress! xx


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