Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My New Favourite Moisturiser: Kimberly Sayer

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser, £25.80 for 150ml

A new product tested - quite thoroughly over a month or so - and here's my report.  This time I tried out an everyday moisturiser with SPF25.  It's so important to have a fairly high SPF, especially when we're after a pale-skinned vintage look!  Despite this, I am aware that I have actually tanned slightly over the last few months.  Bronzelina again rather than Porcelina!  But the word to note here is tanned, (as in I have a very slight tint that self-tan addicts wouldn't even acknowledge as a tan)  not burnt!  I haven't burnt!  The SPF has held up well, because I've been exercising outdoors almost daily and it hasn't sweated off, or clogged my pores.

The Moisturiser Itself - 5/5
Love, love, love this!  The consistency is perfect - easily absorbed, doesn't clog your pores.  It does leave you with a slight sheen, it isn't a completely matte finish, but I can live with this, particularly as the citrus fragrance is so utterly gorgeous.  I allow my partner to sniff my face after I've put it on.  As another bonus, a little goes a long, long way.  A maximum of two little drops does your whole face.

Packaging - 4/5
It's all very well me hankering after little alabaster pots with gilt-rimmed lids and fancy lettering, they do glam-up one's dressing table, but on a practical note, this functional cylinder does the job perfectly.  Throw it in your overnight bag, leave the lid off, it won't hurt, as it has a pump action which dispenses nearly enough for your whole face with just one press. So while it doesn't have the glamour factor and I would prefer to see it in something Deco inspired, I can't really argue that the packaging isn't functional.

Value for money - 5/5
Facial sunscreen is expensive.  Face cream that doesn't block your pores is hard to come by.  Face cream that only comes in very tiny pots ends up being very expensive.  Therefore, the fact that this product means you a) don't have to buy facial sunscreen, b) will last ages and c) you don't have to pay for other products to sort out the blocked pores you would have had from other products, works out overall as being very pocket-friendly I feel!

Overall - 5/5
The best moisturiser with sunscreen that I've ever tried.

I personally think you should order it from Love Lula, who provide a great service and also free *samples* of their products so that you can try that £30 potion before you buy. Bless them for that.  Courtesy of them, I've also been trying out the Kimberly Sayer Tangerine and Calendula Light Healing Night Cream, which again has a lovely, easily absorbed texture, but I'm less keen on the fragrance, which isn't very tangerine-smelling.

Rightio, I have my evening exercise to do, I'm facing a bikini-body countdown...

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