Friday, 26 August 2011

Stop Staring! Purchase

I accidentally bought a Stop Staring dress off Ebay last night.  I say accidentally, as in yes, I was aware I was bidding, but the prices always sky-rocket so I was very surprised when I 'won'!

It's this model, the '30s bombshell.  I've decided that my Autumn wardrobe will be less of the swooshy full skirts with petticoats, and more dresses with a wiggle.

I'm slightly panicked by the prospect that it might not fit, as although I checked my measurements against Stop Staring's sizes, I've heard that the dresses can run small sometimes. 

All I can do is wait with fingers crossed and perhaps lay off the pastries...

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  1. I remember seeing a fress very similar to this on Joan in Mad Men, it's lovely!


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