Friday, 16 September 2011

Beautiful West Wales

Absolutely stunning, you really should visit the West coast of my homeland Wales!

The weather was just too cold and wet for any glamorous outfits, but I have a lovely pic of me in my waterproofs for you instead.







I'm off on some more adventures for a couple of weeks - The Netherlands, followed by Kefalonia in Greece, so I'll report back in October!  I expect it will well and truly be colder and darker when I get back, so the Autumn wardrobe will have to be unpacked.  I can't even remember what's in there so there may be a few nice surprises.

Have a good few weeks everyone!

Miss P xx

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  1. I live in West Wales, but I could really fancy a trip to the Netherlands - Not so many hills to push a bicycle up! Sorry we couldn't provide you with better weather, we're saving it for October! xx


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