Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Vintage Inspired Review: Tara Starlet 'Victory' Skirt

The 'Victory' skirt from Tara Starlet is available in plain green, black and white gingham, and red and white houndstooth. I purchased the green. I also bought the pedal pusher trousers in black, but that's a tale for another post!


Price and Delivery - 3/5£65 is pricey. Delivery was next day, costing £5.

Sizing - 2/5
I am normally a Tara Starlet size 12 (in both their 'Peggy' dress and their 'Dancing' skirt). But with this skirt the sizing was off - I could do up the back zipper, but couldn't button the 2 little buttons above it. There is room to move the buttons across a bit.

Fit - 2/5
The main issue with this skirt on me is that there is too much fabric between hip and thigh, resulting in the skirt bunching up unattractively. Rather than a smooth silhouette I have ripples!

Fabric and Quality - 4/5
I think the colour is wonderful, and the fabric is nice, but I'm taking off a point because it's non-stretch, which is pretty essential in a fitted skirt if you want to be able to manoeuvre with any degree of grace. The quality looks perfectly good, no issues there at all.

Online Description - 2/5
It doesn't mention on the website what the fabric is, and whether it stretches or not. It only shows pictures from the front, but I would have liked to have seen a back view. It also doesn't mention that the 2 buttons at the back on the bottle green skirt are a bright, primary red (much brighter than the picture below shows). I got a bit of a shock when I opened the parcel.

Customer Service - 4/5
To return an item you have to send the parcel back by recorded delivery. I sent it back by Special Delivery, which cost me £7, but I wanted the insurance, as the parcel with the skirt and trousers was worth over £120, and recorded delivery only covers you up to £40 ish. The returns arrived with them on Monday, I had an email yesterday confirming my refund, and am just waiting for it to show up on my card.

I lose the original postage of £7, so I'm £14 down in total from returning the skirt and trousers.

Overall Score = 3/5
Would be a lovely skirt - on someone else!

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  1. Whaaaaat that is awful that they don't refund you the return postage??? Surely any business would do that?? I have the Hollywood Startlet dress and the fabric isn't the greatest quality.


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