Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Where's Porcelina?

I have been a tad quiet over the last few months, which I am sorry about because I've missed the regular blogging, but I've been busier than ever, it's a bit of a whirlwhind!!  Here are my reasons:
1) Job hunting! My main, bread-winning role finishes by the end of the year, so I am steadily working on lengthy applications to stave off unemployment.  This month, 5 submitted applications, 2 rejections so far and still waiting on the other 3...  I am glad that applications are electronic - much easier to correct these days than having them typewritten, like Gypsy Rose Lee in the photo above.  Although she's probably not applying for a job and is just instructing a dressmaker or something.

2) Baking! I've made my Christmas cakes, apple chutney, and even attempted Mary Berry's chocolate roulade and Delia Smith's bechamel sauce. Great success all round.

3) Getting fit! So many people have taken up this running malarky that I thought it was high time to join this club, so I have embarked on a 'learn to run' training programme. I'm only up to running for 3 minutes at a time in between walks, but I'm optimistic to be running for a good 20 minutes at a time by the end of the year.

4) Catching up with friends!  If you don't start catching up now, you'll never fit everyone in before Christmas.  There are more social events at this time of year too.

A lot of my excuses have the word 'Christmas' in.  Anyway, I do have some posts to catch up with, including a few pics of my fabulous Stop Staring dress, and a bit of a rant about orangey eyebrow pencils.

I do hope you're all having a good week, and I for those of you also job-hunting, that you get something good soon!

Miss P xx

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