Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rolls & Besame Red

I've been encouraged by your kind comments on my last hair attempt, so I gave rolls another go. My hair is just so heavy, and slippery too, it's very difficult getting updos! Here's another attempt dutifully documented!

Oh, and that's Besame's 'red hot red' I'm wearing. Marilyn's fave apparently. I had to stop wearing red lipstick a few weeks back because I put henna on my hair, and the red lips and hair clashed horribly and made me look quite ill. Finally I think the henna's faded enough to go back to reds, hurrah!

Miss P xx


  1. Ooh - hair looks lovely :) Despite years of trying - I can never make mine look like that :)

  2. Looks lovely! I tried to do a front roll yesterday and my hair has grown so much since I last did one that it was impossible to get it right! I feel your woes :)

  3. yay! loving the 40s look!!!!


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