Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Vintage Repro Shopping: Spring Update

New in for Spring, here's what's caught my eye recently...

Heyday! have released another version of the popular 'Fleur' Swirl-style dress, in gingham and florals (£85). Available in either pink or blue, if it was plain gingham I would have snapped one up, but I don't do florals! This is probably strange for a vintage fashion enthusiast, but I'm sticking by it.

I only discovered this brand recently, but I can't wait for Collectif's Spring items to be in stock - not only are they lovely with lots of vintage style, but they actually fit in really well with current 2012 trends.

From Tara Starlet, some new bodices have come in (£40). All in florals again, and there are alternative tops with sleeves, and shorts too. Quite pricey when there are very similar items on the high street at the moment for about half the price.

Due in stock this month over at Pin-up Parade is this gorgeous green 'Secretary' dress from Bettie Page Clothing (£95). I know it has sleeves and doesn't look too Spring-like, but please remember that the week or so of sun we've just had in the UK is now gone, and we need to go back to wearing our normal 11-months-of-the-year wardrobe that covers as much as possible.

Finally on my list of reproduction items is something more Summery again - new Capri pants from Lady K Loves (£42).

Has anybody seen any more new Spring repro clothing recently? Do let me know!

Miss P xx

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