Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Birthday Treats!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday! And I got all kinds of treats, so here's a catch up in (bad) photos... The 'loot' I acquired, including the Collectif western skirt, Angel Adoree Tea Party book, amazing peach-fragranced green tea 'Angel Peach' from Tea Palace, Hendrick's Gin (my first bottle, can't wait to try it!), and a *coughs* Prada Handbag from my eldest sister who lives in Dubai.
As it's my other half's birthday within 6 days of mine we had a joint-birthday bash to celebrate, which invoved bowling and lots and lots of Elvis-themed cocktails, including 'Graceland Garden Punch', 'Presley Pink Cadillac' and 'Priscilla'! The food was Elvis-themed too, including mini trifles which I served in little teacups.
I was the master of cocktails, and they might have got a tad stronger as I got a tad merrier. I wore my Bernie Dexter jeans, which I love.
The next day, without a hangover (hurrah!) we went to the new tea rooms in Cardiff, Pettigrew Tearooms which have opened up in the enviable position of the lodge at the entrance to Bute Park. Time for more Angel Peach tea, and some scones too.
On my actual birthday then it was a mini-break to the Cotswolds, where we stayed in a quaint converted old mill. The food was rubbish though, and I'm awaiting a reply to my complaint letter.
Well, summer seems to have landed in the UK - quick, grab the bbq and get your legs out!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you both :)

  2. aaw Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a blast :) x


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