Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wardrobe Lurkers

They're there. Hiding at the back of the wardrobe. Perhaps still in their carrier bags, with the receipt. Clothes we've NEVER worn. Then there's the dress you swore you'd wear a hundred times, and you've worn it...well, just the once.
I just finished reading 'Mini Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella (don't judge me - we all need something easy to read after a brain-draining day at work!) and in the story, the shopaholic's husband imposes a shopping ban, until Mrs Shopaholic has worn every item in her wardrobe at least 3 times. So, there's my challenge - no buying new clothes until I've worn everything at least 3 times. And if it doesn't get worn, it has to go to a charity shop or up on Ebay. I'm making it slightly easier on myself and doing the challenge by item, i.e. I can't buy more shoes until I've worn each pair I own 3 times, I can't buy more dresses until I've worn the existing ones 3 times. My reasoning is that there are certain items, such as evening dresses, that you may only wear once a year, so that would mean waiting 3 years before buying new items! I'm not that strong. What's lurking in your wardrobe? Wish me luck...

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  1. I have worn EVERYTHING in my wardrobe! However, my mum has a tendency to buy me heels in the sales which I never wear. I'm thinking of selling at least one pair, because I just never have a day where I feel like wearing hells instead of flats... It if makes your challenge sound easier, rest assured that I once went 6 months without shopping!

    Kate x


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