Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rose Petal Sandwiches & Tea Cocktails!

For the extended Jubilee weekend, the torrential rain overnight here in Wales nearly put a stop to our picnic plans, but luckily the sun did prevail last Monday, and instead of risking sitting on still-sodden ground, we headed to the bandstand in our local Victorian park. I liked the idea of some shelter too, just in case the rain returned!

We had a traditional picnic, with treats such as the obligatory cucumber sandwiches, jelly, scones, and home-made swiss roll. More unusually, I made rose petal sandwiches! Those of you who have Angel Adoree's beautiful book, The Vintage Tea Party, will recognise the recipe. I was a little nervous as to whether they would go down well, particularly as we had two gentlemen with us on the picnic and the whole idea is quite girly really, but every last one got devoured! Phew!

I also have to heartily recommend the tea cocktails both from the book, and from Angel's recent article in the Sunday Times Style magazine. We tried iced Angel peach tea (rather than green jasmine), topped up with Prosecco, and then a Pimms cocktail (made with a White Mandarin tea rather than with the recommended Orange Pekoe). Absolutely delicious.

By the way, Orange Pekoe tea, the staff at Waterloo Gardens Tea House reliably informed me, does not contain orange! It's something to do with William of Orange, and I was so disappointed that I then asked for a tea that actually did have some citrus flavour to it, and hence ended up with the White madarin tea.

What picnic delights have you had recently?   I'd love to hear if anyone has any other unusual sandwich filling ideas to share!

Above: My lovely friend Hollie and I, determined to enjoy ourselves despite the chilly day.

Above: Even the gentlemen appreciated the tea cups!

Miss P xx

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  1. Ahh that sounds divine! I can't wait til the weather picks up and I can picnic in the park x


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