Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vintage Inspired Review: 20th Century Foxy 1940s Swing Pants

You may recall that a little while back, I declared after several ill-fitting trouser dramas that "I'm never buying trousers again.  Ever."  It seems I'm an eternal optimist, and I have indeed bought another pair of trousers.

From 20th Century Foxy, may I present the 1940's Swing Pants.  Available in black, navy, or red.  They were previously available in ginger and heather, but sold out before I could buy them, so this time I made my purchase when it was hot and sunny and everyone else was thinking of dresses not trousers.

Price and Delivery - 4/5
£55 plus delivery of £3.50 for Royal Mail recorded delivery.  Happy with that.

Sizing - 5/5
Spot on.  They put the measurements up so you can pick by your waist size.

Word of warning!!!  The sizes are different in each colour.  For example, I am a size 14 in the navy trousers, which translates to waist/hip measurements of 29/39.  BUT if you look at the red or black trousers, a 29/39 is labelled as a size 12!

Fit - 4/5
A great fit on me.  They have a lower waist than the similar trousers from Heyday, but I don't mind this, they're still high-waisters.  My only issue - one frequently encountered - is that there aren't a variety of leg lengths to choose from, they are 31".  I need a 33" inside leg to be able to wear trousers with flats, so I always end up losing the turn-up on this type of trouser to accommodate that.  Ideally I'd want a trouser with a 33" inside leg including the turn up, so I could then turn it down to be able to wear them with heels too.  But that's probably just wishful thinking.

Fabric and Quality - 5/5
Lovely swingy fabric. The quality looks perfectly good, no issues there at all, and those little shell buttons are just delightful.

Online Description - 4/5
Could do with clarifying that the measurements stated are for your waist, and aren't the measurements for the waist of the actual trousers.  It does also say they might be able to accommodate different leg lengths, but when I enquired about this I wasn't offered any options other than turning down the turn-up.

Customer Service - 3/5
I've emailed them several times in the past and haven't always received a response.  However, I phoned last time and left a message and they emailed me back very promptly.

Overall Score = 4/5
I love these.  Maybe I'll get them in black.  Or red.  Or both...

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  1. I am terrified of trousers. After my Freddies fiasco, in which I looked like an elephant, it's been skirts all the way for me! These look really nice though, albeit probably too short for my legs! :(


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