Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Escape to the Country

I'm on hols for a week now, and am on 'retreat' in Monmouthshire, a beautiful area of South East Wales.  I'm house-sitting, and taking advantage of all the space, and the gorgeous garden.  And it's not raining!  I've unpacked the sewing machine, the hastily selected assortment of clothes (doubting whether I have any outfit that 'goes') and have gratefully taken note of the chilled bottle of prosecco in the fridge.  Now the holiday can start!

Sewing, writing and fitness are on the agenda.  I have lots of alterations to do, including some repairs to vintage clothes - there's a '40s houserobe and a 1930's suit I don't think I've pictured on this blog before.  I might make something from a pattern too.  French knickers maybe.

As for writing, it's all about the competitions!  I've recently started writing short-stories, and got my first feedback today on a flash fiction (very short, short-story) piece I did last month - I didn't win, but they said my story stood out and they have published it on their website here, if you're interested in taking a peek.  Mine is the story about 'Manius Choccus'.  Can you tell my day job is in Psychology?!

I'm heading out for a run soon.  It will be refreshing to have miles of country lanes at my disposal, and no traffic to contend with like in the city when you end up jogging on the spot at junctions while you wait to cross, trying not lose momentum.

Have a good week all - I'll report back on my vintage sewing adventures on my return to reality!

Miss P xx

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