Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Week in Pictures

Well, what a week away I had!  It started off with constant, lashing-down rain and me staying indoors bent over my sewing machine, whipping through alterations with fury.  And then the sun came out!  The sewing machine was promptly abandoned, the other half arrived, and the rest of my 'retreat' turned into a mini-holiday with car boot sales, day trips rummaging around small town antique and charity shops, lazing in the garden and rum cocktails by night!

Above: Modelling my new cowgirl blouse from Collectif!  Review to follow.

Above:  What a setting for a car boot sale!
Below: Purchases, some good old-fashioned style murder mysteries and a 1930's bowl.


Above and below:  New bargain dress from the Gap outlet, £9!

Below: Yes Miss, time for a Sailor Jerry's cocktail please!

Below:  Reading in the garden, bliss!

I'm back home now, but not for long - it's off to West Wales this weekend for a wedding and some music!  Long may the sunshine continue!

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