Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Carrie Bradshaw Savings Plan

At the age of 33, I have come to realise that I'm a bit like financially clueless Carrie in that episode of Sex and the City - you know the one I mean, where she can't afford to buy her apartment because over the years she's spent an entire house deposit on shoes.  I have no house deposit, but I have lots of clothes, and at my age I feel a bit bad about that.

We're told vintage clothing can be an 'investment' and I've clung to that when making outlandish purchases, telling my other half that I can wear it for a bit and then sell it on later for a profit - but to be honest I've never sold a vintage item for more than I originally paid for it.  Usually I sell it for a lot less.  I'm definitely not seeing any return on my 'investments'.

As the reality of the recession kicks in with small businesses folding everywhere and my vintage collection sitting immovably on Etsy for yet another year, I can finally admit to myself that unless you're buying something designer and vintage, depreciation is still the rule.

So, house deposit in mind, the ruthless, heartless, wardrobe-cull continues.  Among the new and non-vintage listings over at my Ebay account (click here), you will find this stunning dress.  That I've never worn.  Well, it was used for 20 mins for a photoshoot indoors.  Someone needs to wear it dancing and spill gin on it.

Does anyone out there make any money at all from trading vintage, or do you sell just to indulge your passion for vintage clothing?

My goodness, it seems being on my own on hols for a week sets me off thinking.  I'll be harping on about whether the word 'vintage' is meaningful at all these days in a minute!

At least I've had this epiphany at 33, I think poor Carrie was 40 when she came to the same panicky realisation, but then she did have a super-rich friend to bail her out!

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  1. I'm feeling the same, I live at home with my mum but I'm surrounded by things I don't really need. Time to save!
    That dress is gorgeous, I hope someone very deserving gets it :)


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