Monday, 27 August 2012

Homeware: Harlequin 1960's Cup and Saucer Set

One of my favourite car-boot sale buys of the last few years has to be this fantastic coffee set from the 1960s. Called the 'Harlequin' set, each cup and saucer is in a different pastel colour, and is made from the opaque 'milkware' that was the trademark of French brand Arcopal. I paid £10 for it, which is the most I've ever parted with at a car-boot sale, but I have to say it's worth every penny. Some of the gold has rubbed off on the pink cup and saucer, but otherwise it's in pretty great condition and even has half a box (lid missing).

I've since acquired another set, unboxed, and have used them to serve mini desserts in.

What cup and saucers have you acquired recently?  Pictures please!

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  1. I have severe cup and saucer envy! I haven't managed to find any lovely glass sets in years! I have purchased every single one I have ever seen, apart from the £25 set which I considered extortion.


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