Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Outfit Post: In The Park

Is anyone else a bit confused?   It's all feeling a bit Autumnal out there at the moment - the A/W collections have hit the shops, the weather's a mixture of rain and sunny spells, and I am hankering after a long country walk in my wellies with perhaps a home-baked pie at the end of it. But it's still August!

So, what to wear when you're in between seasons?  The tea dress of course.

I love tea dresses.  They are so versatile, and the sleeves make them a really practical option for the British climate because you can wear them throughout Spring and Autumn with a light cardigan, and layer a jumper over the top for Winter.  I have lots of '50s style strappy sundresses that I only get to wear once or twice a year because it's simply too cold, even with a cardigan on top.

The other great thing about tea dresses is that you can make them quite casual and modern with pumps and leggings, or wear seams, heels and a bit of red lippy to go for the full vintage look.

My only issue with tea dresses - modern ones are too short to wear stockings with!  It has to be tights.

Heart print tea dress: Oasis
Studded pumps: Monsoon
Cat-eye sunglasses: Dorothy Perkins
M&S vintage bag: Car boot sale
Jacket: Gap


  1. Yes, why are tea dresses so short? I've coveted lots of them but have rapidly gone off them the moment I realise how short they are, particularly n me as I'm so tall.

  2. I love the print on this dress. I can't pull off short skirts but wish I could, as they're super cute :)


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