Friday, 24 August 2012

In The Shops: Shoes and Shirts

I bought two fabulous items this last month, and in the end they both sadly had to be returned!  I'm still weeping over the shoes.

First purchase was the Bernie Dexter 'Ginger' blouse.  It was £70, reduced to £52 in Deadly Is The Female's recent sale.  Alas, the 'Large' turned out to be closer to an 'XL' in terms of measurements (supposed to be 38" bust but I measured it and it was 40"!) and it was just hanging off me in a maternity-wear type way.  I managed to return it (phew!) but still lost a whopping £9 on postage.

Next up I went for the gorgeous 'Cleopatra' mustard yellow slingbacks from Bertie, using House of Fraser's 'Click and Collect' service (brilliant, no postage charges!).  I tried them on right there and then in the collection area, but they were honestly one of the most uncomfortable pairs of shoes I've tried on, the front cutting into the top of my feet and the lack of platform at the front meaning a sharp angle.

So, what's next on my shopping list?  I haven't even begun to think about Autumn, and refuse to do so until I've been on my late summer holiday (Spain in two weeks!!).  I'll get back to you on that one, after I've released my A/W clothing from the vac-pack bags under my bed and assessed the situation in full.

What shopping woes and triumphs have you had recently?

Miss P xx

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  1. Isn't it horrid when you find lovely shoes and then they hurt like the devil!


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