Friday, 10 August 2012

Poirot Fashion Special: The Dream

Sacre-bleu! What is this? Has Monsieur Poirot taken leave of his senses?!

Well, that is a ravishing dress Miss Lemon is wearing... (previously seen in other episodes)

This episode also sees the return of a much-coveted cardigan, and that lovely forest-green number we've seen before too.

Now to the other players. First up, Joely Richardson has quite an interesting wardrobe in this episode - she's active and quite boyish in her manner (she fences, she sits casually, she runs up stairs) but manages not to overdo it, and keeps a feminine edge to her clothing. I really like this first look - part French resistance!

It can't be seen in the screenshot, but that hat has a great little tassle on it!

I was trying to get a clear shot of the shoes as they're extremely flat, sort of like ballet-pumps but pointy. I didn't know they wore such flat shoes, anybody come across these before?

Next, we're in the Fencing Room and Miss Richardson is suitably attired.

Later, she's wearing trousers again and wears a simple blouse and jacket. I love the hairband, it's very rigid and shiny in a browny-amber colour, is it bakelite? Did they make hairbands out of bakelite?? I didn't even know they wore rigid hairbands in the 1930s. I've googled but not come up with any info on this topic, sorry folks!

And my favourite outfit of the episode - this knit houndstooth jacket is gorgeous. Looks great with that blouse and skirt. Joely is the kind of girl that doesn't spend time on her hair - she's got more important things to do, opponents to fence with, secret liaisons with her lover to attend.

Finally, the other lady that appears in this episode is older, has money, spends time and effort on her appearance (hair, make-up) in contrast to our young Joely. I think though that the outfit the older lady wears in this next scene somehow makes her frumpy, what do you think? Maybe it's the flat shoes and posture.

The blouse she wears in this scene is lovely, look at the detail on the neckline and the waistcoat-shaped hem. Shame about those crocodile tears!

And to finish, the evil Stepmother drops the pretence of being a caring wife in her modest dresses and cardigan ensembles and brings out the big guns - huge jewelled pin on her of-the-moment hat, and a big fur stole to show just how rich and dangerous she is. She wears a suit and silver fox-fur in the opening scene too but I couldn't get a screenshot of it, sorry readers!

It's been a while since I've done a Poirot fashion post - apologies for this, but I've had computer problems, my DVD player has a software issue!  Hopefully a new laptop this Autumn will allow many Poirot posts in future...

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  1. In one of those photos the typist wears a rust red sweater with a striped bow, that same sweater was used in "La vie en rose" in some of the early scenes! Love all the screen shots!

  2. Do you know what Samantha, I thought I'd seen that sweater before - thanks for pointing that out!

    Miss P xx

  3. Yay for the return of your Poirot posts! That pesky Bow Jumper does get about doesn't it! I agree the wicked stepmother does look rather frumpy in that black number, but very elegant in her angled hat and furs!


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