Wednesday, 12 September 2012

London Fashion Week Event This Weekend: Retrospective

I am back from Spain!  But that's a whole other story - right now I am giddy with excitement that I have been sent tickets to the fabulous Fashion Retrospective fashion show and party taking place this Saturday at Bloomsbury Ballroom.

The idea is to highlight the 'cyclical' nature of fashion, and use vintage pieces in the catwalk show to illustrate how the trends for SS13 can be attained.

I really can't wait, but am having a major dilemma over what to wear!  I'm tempted to wear a 1950s style dress with petticoat underneath, but am debating whether that might look a bit girly and frivolous.  I must be worried about being judged - I always wonder whether mainstream fashion and vintage style sit that comfortably next to each other.  Do dedicated followers of fashion look at a vintage outfit as twee?  Is it possible to incorporate modern trends with a predominantly vintage wardrobe?  It's true that there's quite a lot of 'vintage' in modern fashion magazines these days but generally the things that make them vintage e.g. a longer hemline, are often altered by the stylist to make the outfit look more modern.  So is there any point then in using vintage in the first place?

Maybe I'll have an answer to these questions when I report back after the weekend.

In the meantime, anyone wanting a ticket can purchase one from their website, here.

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