Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Outfit Post: Not Letting Go of Summer

I refuse to pack away my summer dresses just yet!  Last week it was cold but dry so I layered a summer dress with a slip, knitwear, scarf and boots.  Trying desperately to hold off on tights until October.

Boots: Wrangler
Dress: New Look
Cardigan: Laura Ashley
Scarf: Peacocks


  1. I've said it before but I do love that dress!

    Going from the New England summer to Original England autumn was a bit of a cshock to the system, so I packed away my summer clothers a couple of weeks ago. Le sigh. Only 8 months before they return... x

  2. For sure, hold onto summer as long as you can! We're getting treated to an unusually toasty September this year, so I've been doing much the same thing, too, complete with open toed shoes mere days away from October (that's not overly common here in Canada, let me tell you!).

    ♥ Jessica


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