Friday, 5 October 2012

In The Forest

It's wellies weather quite often in Wales.  Mine are pink and I like to wear them on a walk in the forest.  I know green would be more vintage but I like to think that if your average girl in the 1940s had a choice of green or pink, they'd have gone for pink!


  1. Delightful pictures. I especially like the look of that tree, it's crying out to be climbed by a ruddy cheeked child. Ahhh, it takes me back to my younger days, in my attempt to recreate an Enid Blyton adventure.

  2. What an enchantingly lovely setting! I had to scroll back up to your "about" side bar area to double check that you were in the UK, as these shots look remarkably as though they could have been taken in certain areas of forest on the Pacific West Coast here in British Columbia.

    ♥ Jessica


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