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Inspiration: Meet Vintage Model Jacquelyn

The world of Vintage is full of interesting and inspirational people, and this lady is one of them.  Meet Jacquelyn, vintage enthusiast and model from Essex.

Above: Photo by James Reynard

I 'met' Jacquelyn on the internet after she was announced as the 2nd place winner in the Kiss Me Deadly 'Shoot Yourself' competition.  I stumbled on her facebook page, and was in awe of her photographs.  Not just a stylish lady, Jacquelyn was also lovely and agreed to a little interview for this blog.

How long have you been wearing the vintage look, and how did you get into it?
I have always been inspired by classic couture and have tried to dress accordingly as much as my fairly limited budget would allow. Probably in about 2000 I visited a Vintage Clothes fair and purchased a pair of 1950s evening gloves which I wore with a classic black coctail dress to the Theatre a few days later. I began to visit vintage fairs more regularly and soon amassed a wardrobe of items which were not only classic but actually of the period, mainly 1950s. My Husband is a very enthusiastic supporter of my decision to wear Vintage or Vintage inspired clothing, including lingerie, and this makes for domestic harmony.

Aside from clothes, how big a part does 'vintage' play in your life?
I usually dress in Vintage style whenever we go out for the evening whether on our own or with friends and family. For no particular reason I have some friends who adopt a vintage lifestyle but much more that do not. My house, though built in late Victorian era, is decorated inside in 1930s art deco style. I do not drive: my Husband does not drive a Vintage car because we are not fortunate enough to afford what he would really like, which would probably be a Cord.

Do you have any tips for budding vintage models?
A good way to begin pin up modelling is to invest a Vintage photoshoot with a photographer who offers a makeup and hairstyling service. This is quite a growth industry and simply by trawling the internet you should easily discover one in your area. Most carry a stock of props,dresses, outifts and stockings. You should also invest in at least one , preferably two, matching sets of underwear, one of which should be black. Don't forget the essential suspender belt. Once you have selected your photographer call him or her to discuss the look you want to achieve. The great majority will be very helpfull and if you find that your choice is not particularly helpful just say that you will be in touch and find one who is more attuned to your requirments.

Above: In an issue of Vintage Life magazine, photo by Retro Photostudio
Below: Photos by Laura Whittaker

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?
It is very difficult to say which is my favourite item: after some very deep thought I would say it would probably be a contest between my full skirted sleevless floral dress with sequins which I bought from The Girl Can't Help It in about 2006 and my '50s style couture Grey Suit made for me by Thomas von Nordheim in the early 90s, I have probably worn these outfits each about 100 times and I'm still not tired of them.

What is your top beauty product for helping achieve a vintage look?
My top makeup products for achieving a Vintage look has to be black liquid eyeliner and a really good longlasting red lipstick. My favourite one at the moment is Poppy Cream by Elizabeth Arden.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Well I had hoped to have retired in 5 years time but as the Government has other plans I guess I shall still be working in the beauty industry and still collecting and wearing vintage clothes. At least our mortgage will be paid off so I may be able to afford to buy more. The value of Vintage clothes in good condition is still rising as far as I am aware.

Below: Photo by Laura Whittaker

Finally, congratulations for coming second in the KMD contest! What made you decide to enter?
It took courage to enter the competition as I think I was the eldest by far, but to be honest I feel that there are many beautfiul Women in their 40s and 50s out there that should be promoted in a glamorous way: so I thought I'd be a representative. I was really encouraged by all the positive comments and feedback that was left including some by the people who own the brand.

A big thank you to Jacquelyn for her time - isn't she a lovely lady?  
She's certainly inspired me to be a bit more glamorous.


  1. Jacquelyn is an inspiration and a real glamour puss. Splendid interview.

  2. What a thoroughly gorgeous, resplendently stylish woman. I don't believe I've encountered Jacquelyn before, but am definitely a huge fan now. Thank you very much for the introduction and highly enjoyable blog interview with her.

    ♥ Jessica


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