Friday, 14 December 2012

Inspiration: Christmas Gifts for the Vintage Loving Lady

I find the high street quite stressful at this time of year, I popped in the other day to return some evening shoes to Debenhams and people continually barged into me and walked out in front of me.  Hurrumph!

So, if you have resolved to do the rest of your shopping online then this gift guide is for you - all of these items are available to order online/by mail.  You don’t have to go anywhere near the high street!

1) Fragrance

Tokyo Milk has a fantastic range of fragrances in unusual combinations and with quirky packaging that is sure to appeal.  My personal favourite is Gin & Rosewater (No. 12) – the rose fragrance is very classic, but the hit of gin is what makes this something completely different.  Widely available in the US but harder to find in the UK, you can purchase it at the Scruffy Little Cat here.  Another good bet for classic fragrances is good old Marks and Spencer - they have expanded their perfume range this year and it's well worth a look.

2) Accessories

It’s the accessories that can make or break a vintage-inspired outfit and I personally can never have enough gloves, hats & scarves!  The V&A has a cosy collar in chic lace on wool.
H&M has this leopard print faux fur collar for just £7.99.  Order it online here.

H&M also has some nice suede gloves in bright colours, for just £14.99

3) Stationery

Stationery is another area where you can’t really go wrong.  This chic Art Deco style address book at Past Times is rather lovely.

And what about some proper old-fashioned good quality writing paper and envelopes?  Some companies like Honey Tree Publishing offer a personalisation service, from around £1 per sheet.  I would love to have some stationery with my name at the top, how glamorous!

4) Old Hollywood Memorabilia

I like the look of are these, also from the V&A.  A fabulous poster featuring Marlene (£10), and a life-size cut-out of Rita (£40)!

5) Knickers

A lady can never, ever, have enough.  Support British made undercrackers by purchasing a pair of Kinky Knickers, championed by Mary Portas.  They were £10 each, now down to £7.50 with free delivery from ASOS.  The packaging is very endearing - a perfect stocking filler.

So, I hope those suggestions help or just provide you with yet another item for your own wish list!  I have personally been adopting the 'one-for-them, one-for-me' approach to Christmas shopping.


  1. What a splendidly lovely list! I'm all for online shopping, no matter the time of the year. Of course I don't do all my shopping online (I'd miss out on my beloved yard sales and thrift shops if I did!), but there's a lot to be said to turning to the web to help you get through your holiday shopping.

    Your one for them, one for me approach sounds like a lot of fun! My wallet would beg to differ, my vintage loving soul is behind that concept for sure! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's a funny one - I love the budget bargain shopping and go to car boot sales and charity shops (your equivalent of yard sales and thrift stores) all year round, but some people are just not in to that kind of thing. My mother would never ever dream of giving me something second hand, I think this goes back to her childhood in the '40s and '50s where second, and perhaps third-hand was all you got. She insists on buying me gifts from 'proper shops' and has to 'approve' them. Old films and books are fine, but she silently disapproves of make-up and such like!

      I have to stop with the 'one for me' approach, I just tried to buy some shoes and the payment failed for some reason, I'm taking that as a sign to quit!

      P x

  2. I followed your link to the V&A shop and I've managed to compile my Christmas list on there alone! xxx

    1. Ha ha! It's fatal visiting the V&a online shop - I just bought a Cyd Charisse long sleeve t on sale!!! Ahahahhaahahaa!!! I will wear it Christmas morning to open my presents. Can't wait to see what else goes on sale come Boxing Day!



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