Friday, 7 December 2012

Inspiration: Vintage Treasures from My Boss's Wardrobe!

My boss heard that I love vintage and was kind enough to let me play dress up with a selection of items that belonged to her Grandmother!

First up is this beautiful quality jacket, it's gorgeous.  Any ideas on age?  I was thinking 1920s, I have no facts to back this up, it's just the 'feel'.

Next up is this 1950s coat - again, really amazing quality, it's as heavy as a dead body and the detail on those buttons - they could be brooches in their own right!  The sleeves are like penguin wings, they don't let you raise your arms much!

And finally, a darling 1930s velvet dress.  It looks great in daylight, but in a camera flash you can see the wear on the velvet.

Thank you Boss!

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  1. What an absolutely marvelous experience. I've always secretly hoped that someone with a closest or collection of fine vintage pieces would let me try on their beautiful pieces, too. I bet you looked gorgeous in all of these elegant vintage pieces.

    ♥ Jessica


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