Sunday, 27 January 2013

For Sale: 20th Century Foxy Dress, Kiss Me Deadly Knickers and More 1950s Handbags!

I am selling off yet more of my vintage collection, desperately trying to scrape together extra money so that my beloved and I can escape the purgatory of shared accommodation and get our own place.  Please visit my Ebay page here - all items start at 99p, even the beautiful vintage reproduction dress.

This dress is a classic 1950s reproduction taffeta dress, one stocked by 20th Century Foxy - and was available last Autumn for £90.  It's the 'Lola-Lou' by Dutch brand Miss Candyfloss, and I have to say the quality is really impressive.  This one is a size Medium, which is roughly a size 12.  Available here.

'Fifi' Kiss Me Deadly knickers in a size Medium, available here.

And finally, a selection of vintage handbags - all on my Ebay page here.

Happy shopping!  Help me buy a house!!


  1. good luck with finding your own flat

    1. Aw, thank you lovely! I'm hoping it can happen quickly and won't turn into too much of a saga!!

  2. I completely understand! Last year I sold off a ton of things (mostly dolls and Japanese miniatures I'd been collecting for years) to help finance our new house and cross country move. I wish you so, so much luck and will cheering for you every step of the way.

    ♥ Jessica


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