Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fantasy Homes of the Week

I started house-hunting, on a limited budget, but I'm not good with budgets and somehow I subscribed to property alerts for homes in South Wales up to a couple of million...  Just to have a look.  Here are three of the beauties I've found!

Victorian Church Conversion

Edwardian Villa

 1930s Art Deco Clifftop House

Sigh.  I would buy that Art Deco one if I had 1.3 million.  I'd pretend I was in an episode of Poirot everyday!


  1. They're all beautiful but I have a real soft spot for art deco. There are a fair few around these parts xx

    1. The art deco is my favourite too! Simply love it, and always on the look out for ones I haven't spotted before when I'm driving around!

      P x

  2. I want/need/wildly love the Edwardian villa. I often think about how much I wish I had a vintage house against which to perpetually have an awesome background for vintage outfit shoots, and also (and moreover) because I madly adore classic homes (my family lived in a charming little Edwardian home that was built in 1909 for a few years when I was growing up; I adored that house so much!).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Can't say I don't see houses in terms of backdrops for outfit shoots, ha! I've been blogging too long!!

  3. Wow!!!! Hee,hee I did exactly the same thing when we were looking for a flat to rent, I like to think its because I wanted something to aspire to, but im sure its just because I am mega nosey! Oh and I would also spend my millions on the deco house its just too fabulous! xx

  4. The Art Deco house is amazing!!!!
    I found your blog via Sian at The Gingerbread.

    L x

  5. Funnily enough I was eyeing up that Art Deco house in Penarth while house hunting last year - obviously it doesn't quite measure up to the terraced house in Splott I went for in the end! ;)


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