Friday, 1 February 2013

Treasures Within Treasures

One of the nice things about shopping in car boot sales and charity shops is that occasionally you get a little bonus hidden inside a purchase.  It's always surprising, sometimes weird and sometimes delightful.  Here are the surprise findings within two purchases I made recently: a biscuit tin and an evening bag.

So, did I find old stale biscuits in the tin?

Nope, I found kitsch old Christmas cake decorations!  Look at those tiny plastic deer, I love them.

What was in the bag?  Old tissues?

Ta da!  But what is it?  My first reaction was 'it's the shell casing from a bullet!  The owner of this bag probably carried a revolver in it!'.  Then I thought it was probably a lipstick.  But no, it is a retractable brush, probably for face powder.

Have any of you made any unexpected discoveries in your purchases recently?

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  1. Wooowww I love those cake decorations! Those deer are just dear. The purse and brush are gorgy-gorgeous as well


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