Monday, 4 February 2013

Vintage Film: One Touch of Venus

My first Ava Gardener film!  That I can remember, that is - I possibly watched something starring her as a child, but I wouldn't remember.  Gosh, she was a looker wasn't she?  Reminds me of Immodesty Blaize a little.

One Touch of Venus is a 1948 comic romance with Robert Walker as geeky assistant Eddie at Savory's department store.  In a moment of spontaneity, Eddie kisses a priceless statue of Venus, and like Sleeping Beauty she comes to life!  There's singing (Ava's not just a pretty face), there are covetable outfits, and as well as the trio of romantic storylines, there's a large dose of humour that varies from sharp (thanks to a great unflappable secretary played by Eve Arden) to slapstick.  I loved it!  UK readers are too late to see this film on BBC iplayer, but it's well worth a look at the other black and white oldies on there, there's always a great selection.

Here are some screen shots, to try and persuade you to watch if my description hasn't already done so!

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