Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I Bought Another Stop Staring Dress

After all of that deliberation of whether to buy the 20th Century Foxy pussybow blouse, or the Freddies of Pinewood t-shirt dress, I spotted a plaid Stop Staring dress on Ebay.  I bid.  I won!

It's not entirely practical, but I was thinking of making it work harder by layering with a cardigan/jumper and seeing if I could get away with the dress as an alternative to a pencil skirt for daywear or 'smart casual' events.

Alas, it arrived yesterday and on trying it on - it's a poor fit on me.  I think as the fabric is thinner and not as stretchy as other styles, they may have cut it a little more generously so while it fits me perfectly on the bust, the waist and derriere are a bit loose, there's no wiggle there!

Oh well, I'll just re-sell it on Ebay soon.  Anyone had any other mis-fitting clothing adventures recently?


  1. Such a shame about the dress as it's lovely. I hate buying on-line as fittings can never be guaranteed. I certainly never even entertain the idea of buying anything remotely pencil like as it's pointless; I have a huge size difference between hips and waist and there would surely be tears.
    The closest I have to mis-fitting clothes was sewing the back lining pieces of my jacket together as the front and the front pieces together as the back and then trying desperately to fit them into the jacket .. for an HOUR. Sometimes I make even myself wonder!

  2. All the time. I've a whole rack of unwearable dresses :( I keep them to remind myself to take measurements more carefully, not that it seems to work!

  3. Oh no! That's got to be frustrating for sure! I bet this dress still looks gorgeous on you though.

    ♥ Jessica


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