Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Miss Porcelina's Social Calendar

I've been a bit of a hermit in recent months, but as my other half is currently away in Texas, a girl needs a few things to keep her entertained, and I've certainly been packing in the fun.  The other weekend I went up to Abergavenny, and had a splendid afternoon tea at The Gliffaes country hotel - a full and in depth report is to follow!  I'll leave you this photo as a teaser.

Whilst in Abergavenny I also had the opportunity to 'go thrifting' as the Americans say, or as I would say, have a good old rummage in the charity shops.  I also popped into Vintage Vision, which is by far one of the most reasonably priced vintage shops I've ever encountered, and as it's a social enterprise and not run for profit, you can feel almost holy whilst getting your vintage fix.

Anyway, aside from being particularly busy this week with coursework for my evening class, reports due in for work, and a job interview, I am off to London on Thursday to attend the Forty Winks Bedtime Stories night.  Long anticipated, I can't wait!

Then next Thursday is the St David's shopping centre Ladies Night here in Cardiff, free to attend but you must register.  Lots of discounts and free goodies as an incentive.

I also have many personal social engagements, most, if not all, involving cocktails or at least a good lunch.  A trip to London always entails a little shopping for me - this time I am targeting the Kiss Me Deadly boutique, Collectif, and a designer sample sale.

What am I going to wear to Forty Winks?!!  That's perhaps a topic for another post this week before I head off.

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