Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review: Bedtime Stories At Forty Winks

Everybody raves about it, and I've wanted to go for ages, and so a couple of weeks ago myself and a cynical friend attended a Bedtime Stories night at Forty Winks boutique hotel.  Priced at £30 per person, the evening includes drinks, nibbles, and tales on a theme.

I am a very critical person (of myself the most) and so you won't perhaps find my review as gushing as other's.  There aren't any photos other than this first one secretly snapped in the basement kitchen, because cameras are not allowed.  There are a lot of other things not allowed.

Stories 5/5
The evening was worth it alone for the discovery of the fabulous national storytelling laureate, Katrice Horsley.  What an incredible, captivating, spell-binding storyteller she is!

Drinks 3/5
I was served two helpings of a gin concoction with mango - it was rather lovely, and served in teacups.  But it was really hot in the hotel and quite a long evening and I left feeling thirsty.  Would have been nice to have had at least another helping.

Nibbles 2/5
Blimey, you had to move fast to get any of these!  By the time I discovered there were any nibbles, there were few left and it was time to be shepherded upstairs.  I tried to munch some quickly, but was told 'there'll be more food later'.  There wasn't, as again by the time I got to the nibbles table, it had all gone, except a solitary jelly baby.  Which doesn't really count as 'food'.

Atmosphere 3/5
I was disappointed that there was a large crowd, which detracted from what could have been an intimate experience.  We were herded from one room to another and conditions were cramped.

Music 3/5
'Tiger's Bride' was very whimsical, and it was a first for me seeing someone play the saw, but she absolutely murdered an Abba song at the end.

Overall 3/5
I'm docking two points for the lack of intimacy and herding from room to room.  I left with the feeling that we were all children on our best behaviour, and that the host was an anxious parent, very, very worried over his decor, carpets and lighting.  'Mind the light!', 'No eating in the hallway!', 'Settle down!'.  My delicate derriere really suffered by the end of the night from sitting on hard floors, and it was very hot. Maybe I should have worn the babydoll after all.

It was worth having gone to discover the incredible Katrice, but I wouldn't go again.  I was expecting an intimate evening and it was far from it.

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