Wednesday, 3 April 2013

St David's Ladies' Night

After the success of last year's Ladies Night at St David's shopping centre in Cardiff, they did another one last week, promising more discounts, freebies and demonstrations.  I went along, wearing comfortable shoes and ready to get some Spring inspiration.  Blimey, it was still freezing cold, so I felt no inclination to get anything at all summery, despite the best efforts of St David's to lull you into that warmer feeling by supplying free Pimms and candyfloss. 

Photo (St David's official): Liz from Bambi the Style Hunter, me, and Liz's friend Natalie

Below: All photos from St David's official photographer

John Lewis put on a fab beauty event, with 10% of everything, drinks and nibbles, and a goody bag full of treats.  I focused my attention on stocking up on some desperately needed new moisturiser samples to finally sort out my cold weather ravaged skin, so expect lots of product reviews over the next few weeks!  I am still chuckling with amusement over the comment of one beauty counter advisor, who told me that it's not my fault my skin is 'genetically deficient' - ha!  I bought some Chanel make-up, which I am very pleased with and that's on my list for a review also.

A big thank you to Grayling PR for putting on a little bloggers' gathering in Wagamama's - I really enjoyed chatting to fellow blogger Liz, and got some tips for keeping up with advancements in technology!  Expect tweets and all sorts from me in the coming months, Porcelina's World may have a vintage focus but I am keen to keep up with modern technology!

I bet Marilyn Monroe would have tweeted pics of herself.

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  1. Love that last line so much! I agree, I really sense she would have tweeted snaps of her right, left and centre.

    ♥ Jessica


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