Thursday, 30 May 2013

People's Book Prize Winner Eileen Younghusband

I've met a few exceptionally inspirational characters in my life, and I have just added to that list after meeting the wonderful Eileen Younghusband, who I am delighted to announce as of today has won the People's Book Prize non-fiction category for 'One Woman's War'!

Recently I attended a talk at Cardiff University by Eileen, also author of 'Men I Have Known' and 'An Extraordinary Life'.  Ninety-one years young, Eileen gave a small group of us a whistlestop overview of her life, which has taken her from an RAF filter room in WWII, to being a hotelier, dealing in scrap metal, and now beginning a new career as an author. 

Eileen Younghusband One Woman's War
Eileen's life story is fascinating, and I can't wait to read the above book which I purchased on the day.  At the end of the talk I asked Eileen what drives her appetite for learning, which has been a consistent theme throughout her life - was it out of necessity or something else? "Fulfillment", was the reply.

Eileen Younghusband One Woman's War

You might recognise Eileen if you watched 'The One Show' recently, as she appeared in a feature talking about how she helped calculate the launch sites of German V2 rockets in WWII for them to be destroyed by Allied forces.  If you missed it, have a look at the clip below.

There's also a chance coming up to meet Eileen in person.  As part of the year-round events associated with the Cowbridge Book Festival here in South Wales, Eileen is giving a talk on Thursday 4th July, 2:30pm at the United Free Church, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan.  If you do go, don't forget to wish her a happy birthday - she'll turn 92 on that day!

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  1. Her answer is so wonderful - fulfillment is often overlooked as a reason to do something in this day and age, yet really, is are few better reasons at all. Fulfillment so often equates happiness and a sense of achievement, and who amongst us doesn't love both of those?

    ♥ Jessica


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