Friday, 17 May 2013

The Hills Are Alive!

I am incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful place as Wales.  A short drive and we're up in the mountains of The Valleys, an area of South Wales that was characterised for a long time by heavy industry.


From the hill top you could see all the way back down to Cardiff and the sea!  Amazing.  I had to wear very non-vintage trainers for the steep climb, but did manage to wear a pretty 1930s/1940s brooch on top that I recently bought at the car boot sale for £2.  A bargain.  I love the Spring colours.


We certainly savoured every drop of sunshine over the weekend, and I realised that Wales is very beautiful when it's not covered in grey depressing cloud.  It's probably a good job it's not sunnier, as then everybody would want to move here!


  1. What absolutely breath-taking scenery! I love a good wind-swept, verdant (yet somewhat rocky) landscape as well.

    Have a fabulous Friday & weekend, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Beautiful landscape indeed!

  3. Wow, such beautiful landscape. I swear, my blog feed is full of vacations, nature & adventure tonight. I'm itching with envy! Love the brooch, and why wear anything else vintage on a hike? That's just silly. I promise we still want to oggle, outfits or no.

    xo Sara

  4. It looks beautiful. I have only been to Wales twice. Both times to Cardiff which probably isn't very representative. On one if our visits, hubby and I went walking in the hills and woods around Crosskeys and nearby places. It was beautiful. I'd love to walk up Snowdonia some time.


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