Thursday, 6 June 2013

Knees Up In A Brewery

A car park on an industrial estate may seem an unlikely choice for an evening out, but that's just where I headed on the weekend for the Tiny Rebel brewery's open evening.  Operating out of a small unit in Newport, South Wales, the microbrewery has an exciting range of modern and traditional beers.
The sun was shining and the car park overtaken with inflatable furniture, a large bus serving gourmet burgers, and a big crowd of enthusiastic beer drinkers who had apparently been there since early afternoon.
60s sunglasses
I'd come straight from work so was shockingly wearing trousers for once.  I really struggle to get trousers I like and that are long enough, but these 7/8th length houndstooth '60s style ones from Phase Eight I love.  The '60s style sunglasses are new too, a present from my baby.

Tiny Rebel open evening

Tiny Rebel open evening

As I was designated driver, I only got to drink a half of their Cwtch ruby ale* ('Cwtch' is Welsh for 'cuddle') but I did have a few sips of all the ales my party of friends were drinking, including an amazing stout matured in whisky casks.  It was like drinking a stout with a whisky chaser in the same glass!  A lady I was chatting to recommended also the beer matured in a rum cask, but they'd unfortunately run out of that one so we didn't get to try it.

Anyway, I really recommend that you have a look at the Tiny Rebel website, and if you're in South Wales, London, Essex, Bristol, Manchester, Brighton or Newcastle then there's a list here of places that have their beers on tap - well worth a try.


  1. Oh this sounds so good. Yummmm beer sampling. The parking lot set up is great, too. So relaxed and chilled out. Reminds of student days.....oh fun times. Too bad you had to be the chauffeur :-(
    Love the trousers, I bet they go with almost anything.

  2. Love those comfy chairs - I've never seen outdoor setting at a public venue look so plush and inviting.

    I have a hard time finding trousers that work for me, too, and can certainly relate there. One can't go wrong with houndstooth though, it's so classic and looks terrific on you, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica


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