Sunday, 23 June 2013

Vintage Menswear: A Falcon Hat

I don't do many posts about vintage menswear, as it's a topic I'm ill-informed of.  However, my baby has a burgeoning hat collection and I wanted to share his latest purchase with the wider world.

A Falcon Hat

We're unsure of the exact age of the hat, so any clues would be greatly appreciated!  I'd guess 1950s?  And is it a 'homburg'??  It was in pretty good condition but the grosgrain ribbon needed re-stitching, which only took him 20 minutes.


I should mention that this was a steal, from the local car boot sale, at just 16 pence.  Yes, that's right.  16 pence.  The seller was only asking 50 pence, but didn't have change of a ten pound note, so went for the change my baby had in his pocket instead!

A Falcon Hat

A Falcon Hat

Have any of you purchased any interesting hats recently??

P x


  1. What an incredible steal of a deal! I've paid (albeit not often) as a little as a dollar for a vintage hat before, but usually I'm hit with full on retail rates.

    I'd peg this topper to be possibly be as early as 30s (here, for example, is a mens hat ad from the early 30s showing a striking similar hat:,%20Homburg%202.jpg), but by the same token, it's such a classic homburg style, that it could be as recent as the early 70s. My gut is saying that it's older though - likely 1930s-50s.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. 16p!! total bargain and very dapper.


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