Monday, 22 July 2013

"Character" Properties

My Baby and I have got houses on the brain - we're househunting!  It's really quite sickening that our budget is so restrictive, because there are some stunning homes on the market at the moment.  We both like historic buildings - I have a soft spot for the 1930s, and my Baby has a chapel obssession.  Wherever I go, I photograph buildings that I like, and I realised the other day that I should share some of my collection with you.  Do any of you live in a "character" property?

First up - somebody actually lives in this converted railway carriage by the sea!

Then of course there are the postcard-perfect cottages, Wales has lots of these.

You can't beat a classic 'villa' style property from the Victorian era - these houses looked particularly pretty in the snow.

And lastly, just for my Baby, here's a converted little chapel.

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  1. I so adore the diverse array of architectural styles that exist for homes in the UK - your honey's choice would be mine out this group, too, but each one is seriously cool, and I'm sure, would be a joy to live in.

    ♥ Jessica


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