Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Vintage Inspired Wedding Guest Dresses

How many weddings are you going to this summer?  Just the one for me, and I'm yet to decide on an outfit.  Here are two suggestions of how to do a vintage inspired look for a wedding - please don't take the two dress examples literally, I'm just illustrating how one style of dress can work for different eras if you're canny.  There are lots of choices out there of both shifts, and long sleeved dresses.

It may be the Summer but here in the UK we don't know how long this sunny spell is going to last.  A dress with sleeves is a practical option for sitting in a drafty church or open-sided marquee on those cooler - and wetter - Summer days.  Not everyone is comfortable baring their arms either.

My first suggestion is this gorgeous blue dress, £74, by Myleene for Littlewoods.  The picture on their website isn't great, so please excuse it and give me the benefit of the doubt here - I'm also including a pic of how it was featured in a magazine, where you can see the shape and colour more clearly, which makes it look so much better!  It's a classic shape that could work for different eras.  Wear with kitten heels and bow topped beehive for a '60s feel, or take it forward to the '70s with a large floppy brimmed hat and platform sandals.  Come Autumn and Winter, adding a faux fur stole, brooch, seamed stockings and heeled brogue will make it work for a 1940s look also.

wedding guest outfit

vintage inspired wedding guest dress

For those keen to wear something more summery despite the rain and chilly air, this beautiful and bold shift, £120, from the Asos Salon range will make you stand out in a sea of pastels.  Again, it can carry a few vintage looks - add a white pillbox hat, ladylike bag and kitten heels for a nod to the '60s, or go all out for Gatsby in metallic T-bars, fringed clutch and headdress.

vintage inspired wedding guest dress outfit

vintage inspired wedding guest dress

What oufits do you have planned for upcoming weddings?  Are you going for a particular vintage era?
I'd love to hear your tips!

P x


  1. Great vintage loving minds think alike! Oh my goodness, I swear, about five days ago I was thinking this would make for such a fun blog topic, and here your posts appears (I haven't written on on it myself, though I may still in the future). Very cool timing and such a lovely post. We don't have any weddings on the agenda this summer (unfortunately - I love weddings!), but I'd definitely be wearing vintage to them if we did.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That ASOS dress is really nice - so often fancy styles have plain backs, which is really boring.

    I hate trying to dress for weddings, I always get it wrong. I have a turquoise lace shift dress that makes me look like a hippo that I wore for the last two; I just keep thinking of an Egyptian faience hippo that I saw in the British Museum and telling myself turquoise hippos are cool!


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