Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Vintage Inspired Wedding & Our Guest Outfits

Everybody loves a wedding!  This weekend I was at the wedding of Tom and Fran, for a vintage-inspired extravaganza!  There were vintage buses, capelet-wearing bridesmaids, peacock feather and newsprint decorations, and of course a beautiful bride and dashing groom.

I wore a cherry print dress that was a gift, the outfit was all vintage inspired apart from the handbag which is early 1960s.

wedding guest outfit
 At the Lych gate with my good friend Jane

wedding guest outfit
A 1950 bus to ferry guests to the reception!

 Beautiful arrangements

wedding guest outfit
 My Baby in his dapper suit and hat - though he does get teased for being Amish with that hat.

 The beautiful venue - the ceiling is from the 14th century, can you believe it?!

 Vases made from lightbulbs!

wedding guest outfit
 A trip around the telephone museum resulted in posing

And finally, a wonderful touch - pictures of past family weddings.  Some really lovely photographs.

What a fabulous wedding!  I wish the couple every joy and hope they can relax now the big day is out of the way!


  1. Gorgeous dresses all round and what a lovely idea with the pictures of past family weddings. Family history in action.

  2. What a lovely wedding! Great cherry print outfit - looks fab!

  3. How wonderfully lovely! Vintage inspired weddings, it will come as no shock, I'm sure, are a perpetual favourite of mine. It's always a joy to see how modern couples weave elements of the past into their special day.

    ♥ Jessica


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