Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In The Shops: New Place to Buy Heartbreaker Fashions in the UK!

I just love Heartbreaker's vintage inspired dresses, but they've been particularly difficult to track down over here in the UK.  I fell in love with the 'Monte Carlo' dress after the Glamorous Housewife featured it on her fab blog, but couldn't find it for sale over here.

Well, it's arrived!  Catherine over at Vintage Frills has just posted about attending the launch party for a new online vintage repro shop, 'Tatyanna'.  They don't just stock the 'Monte Carlo' dress (£120), they also stock this houndstooth beauty, 'Mitzi' (£85).

And this fabulous number, 'Milan' too (£105).  Start saving those pennies, or get a Christmas wish-list on the go!

What I love about Heartbreaker is how practical the designs are - you could wear any of these to work  - and the simplicity of a lot of the fabrics.  Classic colours, houndstooths, ginghams and checks, with chic detailing and not too much of the 'twee florals' as I call them.  I'm not a florals girl, unless they're tropical florals, with big punchy colours and maybe a flamingo thrown in.  A lot of the designs feature sleeves, or if they're sleeveless they still have a high neck and back.  Brilliant for the British weather.  I need to state at this point that I don't actually own a Heartbreaker dress yet, but that may change when payday comes and I take Mitzi home...

How amazing is the set they've used for the photoshoot too?  I can imagine it's a 1950s-1960s modernist build nestled somewhere in the forests of America on a rocky outcrop.  Perhaps Dakota.  I'm reminded of the amazing house that features in the Hitchcock film, 'North By Northwest'.  Which apparently wasn't a real house, it's just some clever set design.


  1. The red dress looks like a winner... would love to see it on you :)

  2. My word, these are rather stunning, aren't they! Their prices far exceed my usual reach, but I wouldn't be adverse to saving up or taking your great suggestion and asking Santa for one - just think of perfectly fitting it would be to receive the red for Christmas! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. They are beautiful! Although I declare me a girl always eager to flowery fabric. If you want some special model you do not find in stores, I can sew it for you. Kisses.


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