Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Vintage Event: Gatsby Styling Workshop in South Wales

Look what popped into my inbox!  The people behind Vintage Vision, a social enterprise based in Abergavenny in South Wales, are putting on a 1920's styling workshop on Thursday 5th September.  It looks great fun, and I'm disappointed that I can't go.

Here's what's in store for you:
The beautiful surroundings of the Ballroom at the Angel Hotel is the venue for our Styling evening on Thursday September 5th, from 7 - 9pm. Here you will have a chance to see and hear exactly what 20s style involves, for men and women ( and no, it's not all flapper dresses!) . There will be a hairdresser to show how short and long hair can be dressed, a seamstress to show you how an ordinary dress can be adapted, and the opportunity to see a 20s headdress being made. As well as that, there will be a chance to browse through racks of Gatsby style outfits - original and copies - and to see them modelled by our own Daisy Buchanan and Mia Farrow look alikes! Some very special accessories will also be on sale to help complete your outfit! Tickets are £10 and include a glass of wine. It promises to be a great evening , so get your tickets early, from the Vintage Vision shop in Abergavenny or Chepstow, or via e-mail on




  1. It warms my heart to know that there are corners of the world where events like this transpire. Sure, many of the participants will indulge in the current 1920s revival merely in a fad capacity, but still, it shows that vintage is being embraced enough in South Wales to warrant classes on what to wear for a given decade and that's certainly a good thing in my books.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. To be honest I was really shocked that an event like this was happening in Abergavenny of all places! But it's all good, and they're taking advantage of the fact that the huge Abergavenny Food Festival which starts in a few weeks time is having a 'Gatsby' theme for the inaugral dinner. Someone's had their thinking cap on! I think this 1920s revival is going to run for quite a while - it's been immensely popular in areas like bridal wear and I think it's got some mileage left in it. If only it will last long enough to let me find the perfect flapper dress at a Topshop price!

      P x


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